Explore your inner landscape, dialogue, imagination and experiences to share your stories, transmit messages and express your emotions and ideas through movement and corporal expression. 

Learn to cultivate a sense of autonomy, freedom and flow in your movement choices/possibilities and experiences to explore and nurture your expressive and communicative potential as you move through your own unique dance language.

You can develop and explore;

  • Integration of imagery and intention
  • Moving with decision and direction
  • Impulse, flow and rhythm
  • Relationships and connections within our body 
  • Recognising/acknowledging emotions and energy to fuel authentic expression
  • Embodying presence and power. 
  • Enjoyment in our experience with movement
  • Being purposeful with our movement as well as being playful.
  • Using our imagination to support alignment awareness to explore a deeper sense of embodiment

Contemporary technique classes are inspired by both eastern and western movement practices to empower connections and pathways within the body and find alignment and functionality to generate a healthy energy flow for embodied moving. Classes will highlight impulse, flow and rhythm invigorated by the energies and dynamics of the natural elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Space.

Both Creative Movement & Contemporary Classes offer an opportunity to explore freedom in how you choose to move, feel empowered in your body and invite your personal expression to influence and guide your movement. 

An opportunity to connect with your inner nature and landscape to explore your own creative movement, find your groove and voice through insight discovery and play! 

*Creative Movement sessions can be curated and tailored for celebrations and groups Online or in person such as Birthdays, Reunions, Engagements, Weddings, Parties and Anniversaries of any kind. 

All classes are suitable for beginners – No previous dance or movement experience required

Drop-in Classes at Central School of Ballet

(Also available to live stream)

Sundays (Open Level)
12.45pm – 2pm

To join In-person book here

To join via live stream book here

Organisations/Group Bookings

Contact for special occasions, community or corporate events 

Individuals 1 on 1

Online £60 per hour Online
(Minimum 5 classes)

In person £70 per hour
(Minimum 5 classes)

*Discount offered when booking a package of classes


Movement Direction/Choreography

Private Coaching

Online £50 per hour
(Minimum 5 classes)

In person £70 per hour
(Discount available when booking multiple classes)


Schools and children

Please visit Welcome Movement® for Youth.


I remember my trepidation when joining your dancing session for the first time, being in my late 60s at the time and incredibly shy didn’t help. Fortunately, my joy when I’d watched the beautiful ways in which you and everyone in your groups moved was stronger than my insecurities. Still, despite your reassurance on the day that there was no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to move in the work you did, I couldn’t imagine my body trusting your knowing and skillful, gentle and non-judgmental guidance. It wasn’t easy but it happened, by the end of our session my body felt as if it had been on a challenging but also enjoyable and deeply transformative journey of discovery.

Ana Garcia

One of my dreams is to learn how to dance. I have been to different classes lately, but it is usually pretty difficult for me to follow a specific choreography as I can clearly see the mistakes I make and therefore cannot connect to it as much as I would love to. Nandita’s creative improvisation classes are the opposite of this structure. At first you move as you feel, you are connected to your movement as it is your own and it does not have to be anything. There are some prompts to help you vary the movement, explore the possibilities, but most of them are very intuitive. This brings me back to the freedom I feel on a rave: I do not have to create anything, my only goal is to keep the connection between my body and the music with occasional explorations. After that Nandita helps you to convey the feelings you embody to the outside and to be more confident in it. This class is always a highlight to my week. If nothing else it is a great way to start your weekend.

Daria Zenkova

Software engineer & Artist

We celebrated my mothers birthday together virtually with a creative expression dance lesson curated by Nandita. It was a beautiful experience to do together with my family, she worked in a slide show of memories, movement patterns of my mums favourite things – flowers, tea, tennis and skiing! Its been so long since we danced as a family at a wedding or celebration I highly recommend it if you are looking for different ways to celebrate occasions with loved ones. She’s a delight to work with too.

Samira Sohail


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