Yogic principles, philosophy and practice 

Breathwork, meditation, alignment and movement therapy based in Yogic ideas and practices.

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Joining Nandita’s Breathwork and Meditation series in spring 2020 was one of the highlights of the year for me! Every session was beautifully prepared, and the practices shown and explained with crystal clarity. Nandita has tremendous focus, and an impressive array of energetic understandings, this enabled us to have a really powerful experience of the Pranayama exercises she teaches. It is a pleasure to work under her guidance.

Natasha Coke

Having seen a video about the benefits of controlled relaxation techniques I was keen to seek out a teacher who could help me apply some of these to my own life. With no prior experience it was important that I found someone with whom I could feel comfortable and Nandita has been the perfect choice for me. Her Breathwork & Meditation sessions provide me with a great feeling of inner peace and wellness, and her extensive knowledge means there is a wide variety of exercises to benefit from. Her dancer’s poise and warm manner are truly inspiring, as is her clear and calming voice. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Thom Seaman

Finance Professional

Nandita led virtual meditation sessions during Spring 2020. She was so approachable and open in her style, I was a complete beginner and she took us through the basics of Pranayama breathing and the Chakras. Her teaching style is warm, clear and accessible. Particularly against the backdrop of the pandemic and the first UK lockdown – I really appreciated Nandita creating a safe space for us to start the day with some quiet meditation. I felt calmer, less stressed and more in tune with my feelings while doing meditation with Nandita.



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