Welcome Movement® offers a range of Dance and Movement sessions to any organisation to support and encourage healthy wellbeing and freedom of expression through movement.

Movement has been proven, in its essence to have tremendous power to transform our physical, emotional and mental health, it has the potential to:

The philosophy and approach of Welcome Movement® is to bring about self awareness and understanding to realise our bodies’ potential through peace, alignment and healthy movement. The sessions will strengthen participants’ physicality and mentality to better address common ailments and concerns across different lifestyles and environments such as being in an office or school in a sedentary position, working on one’s feet and in managing one’s daily life.

At any stage and age of life we can be proactive in encouraging good practice for our wellbeing.

Through simple, safe and accessible techniques such as breathwork, meditation and movement we will address our inner state, alignment and range of motion. With specifically designed exercises we will improve our coordination, balance, mobility, strength to restore and strengthen mind and body and re – stimulate our energy levels, focus, purpose, confidence, attitude, posture, efficiency and creativity.

The range of classes available under the Welcome Movement® umbrella vary from Biomechanical movement and Yoga to release tension, mobilise, balance and strengthen our bodies to Dance movement such as Ballet and Creative movement to stimulate freedom of expression and creativity.

Welcome Movement® Classes

Explore the range of classes currently available under the Welcome Movement® umbrella. Please visit Welcome Movement for Youth for schools and young individuals

In welcoming movement back into our bodies we can feel renewed and better supported to face challenges in our lives, embrace change, embody our purpose, reconnect with our passions and access and experience greater potential as ever evolving human beings.

Sessions aspire to restore and reactivate a dynamic and invigorated posture and refresh the mind and spirit to inspire daily life and work. They will encourage team/peer building in gathering and connecting participants to tune into their bodies and state of mind whilst being educational, therapeutic and fun.

Available for the many diverse groups, communities and spaces that exist, to support lifestyle needs and encourage wellbeing across all ethnicities, genders and ages in the community. Sessions, workshops and packages can be tailored to suit your organisations’ specific requirements and environment.

Clients and Organisations include:

  • Corporates
  • Co- working spaces
  • Community hubs
  • Schools (Key stages 1-5 and PSHE)
  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality sector
  • Museums and Cultural spaces
  • Senior citizens
  • Care Homes
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